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Also, dab the paint off on your plate first, you only need a little paint on the sponge, or it will be too gloppy. If you wish to further antique your work, simply dab or brush it with some wood stain, then wipe off. Sand and prime your piece if necessary, then paint with your base coat. Remember, this will be the color the will just peek through, sealing wax for sale so its best if it contrasts with the top coat. If it is clogged up, the gases will have no way of going out and will be forced to escape through your toilet, bulk sealing wax bathtub drain or any other house drain leaving behind a sewer smell. If a toilet is not caulked, spilled urine will flow and dry up from below the toilet leaving a foul smell. Why Does My Toilet Smell Like Urine/Sewage? The first…

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