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Many shade palm trees perform well indoors, as well. Chinese Fan Palm: The drooping, fan-shaped leaves of the Chinese Fan Palm appear to weep, offering shade. Buccaneer Palm: This is a great all-around palm tree for South Florida landscapes, including by the poolside. European Fan Palm: The trunk of the European Fan Palm is somewhat furry, wax seal kit and its pomade-style leaves are fan-like (unlike Robelinni with its feathery leaves). Here are a few varieties you might select for your property. Here are a few poolside palm trees we like. Princess Palms are moderately drought-tolerant. These palms naturally thrive with low sunlight. You can also grow a lady palm as a container plant to add greenery to shaded rooms where other plants would struggle due to a lack of sunlight. When selecting palm trees for the poolside, consider the palm’s sunlight requirements and how much coverage you hope to…

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